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No other animal has kept the past and blessed the future more than the Longhorn steer. These great animals carved a path in the history of Texas that will live forever. From cattle drives and vaqueros a century past to the cowboys known today, the passion, tradition & myth is celebrated around the world like no other part of history.
In recent years, interest in the Longhorn cattle has gained popularity. The traits of the cattle, in terms of hardiness and longevity have sparked an interest in the commercial cattle business. There is also a continuing desire to hold a piece of passion, history, and tradition that has never been achieved by any other domestic animal.
In our area of the country these animals supply another substantial benefit, by providing a means of enhancing the habitat for wildlife. They are able to manipulate the land by consuming vegetation that other species might not and therefore promoting growth of other forbs.Click here for Texas Longhorn Ranch Full-Size Photo (new window)
Their big hoof action and magnificent horns are also tools in clearing paths throughout the brush land. While other mature stock my provide some of the same benefit, longhorn steers have the added bonus of being low maintenance.
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While our steers have proved to be a useful tool for our pasture land, they have also garnered attention for their record breaking horn measurements &championships in the show ring.

At El Coyote, we are fortunate to have an assortment of these majestic animals, no two of these are exactly the same. They are a living piece of our history, and few things in life captivate the eye and emotions like the Longhorn steer out grazing in the pasture.

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A Few Notable Members of the El Coyote Steer Herd:

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